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Day 42. Dec 16. Mangaokewa North Road to Ngaherenga Campsite. 38km.

Felt like one long climb all day. We started as a group but then Justin and I went on ahead. I left Justin behind a while later to wait for the others. The whole 38km was mainly on gravel roads with the last section on state highway. The others hitched the 10km road section. I didn’t mind walking it, enjoying the physical challenge of walking every section. I know now to look out for logging trucks because they take your hat off in the turbulence as they speed past. Other than that, it’s keep inside the while line and no audio books to distract. It got hot in the afternoon and was glad to be able to refill my water bottle at a farmhouse. Noticed the first layers of pumice at the side of the road as I approached the campsite. The campsite was basic. A cold shower would have been nice but I settled for a bird bath i.e. a body wash at a tap. Was a nice evening. We celebrated Sams birthday. Justin had brought all the weighty ingredients for a cheesecake for her birthday on the trail dinner. Six other TAs here for the night.

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