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Day 105. Feb 17. Ship Cove to Camp Bay campsite. 28km / 6.8hr.

A beautiful still morning, catching the 8am water taxi from Picton to Ship Cove and the start of the Queen Charlotte Track (QCT). The boat ride took around an hour as we passed enviable secluded homes in delightful bays accessible only by boat. The track was easy going. My original plan was to stay at Furneaux Lodge but I got there before lunchtime and decided to go on to Camp Bay campsite. Met NOBO Imogen on the trail who had turned around north of Wellington, deciding that the North Island would be too lonely with so few on the trail now and was walking back to Dunedin instead. Camp Bay campsite was busy with TAs and QCT hikers. Learned a lot about new trails all over the world from an Aussie couple who were incredibly well traveled.

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