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Day 7. Nov. 11th. Kaitaia to Broadwood 33km.

Got going a little later because I had to post off my bounce box to it’s next resting place, at Linda and Alan’s, family friends via Nick’s whanau. Got a lift from Peter and his wife for the first 6km to avoid a dangerous section along SH1. The 27km hike to Broadwood was along gravel road, metalled road and then forest track.

First waist thigh deep river crossing. Echoes of heavy rain that had fallen the day before. It was pretty hot but it was pleasant just listening my audio book. Lisa decided to skip these sections and go to Kerikeri. She had contacted a trail angel, who offered to come and get her and to stay at Kerikeri. She was exhausted from not getting a good sleep. Will miss my conversations with Tony and now Lisa.

You meet people, get to know them a little bit and then plans change and they are no longer there in the evening.

But then you meet new people, like this evening. Stacey (Aussie), Jai (Aussie), Ren (Dutch) and Joe (Austrian) were here along with Peter from before. Made a beeline to the small shop before it closed for two ice cold drinks. Small things, big joy.

Was a nice shady campsite. The township is allowing TAs to camp at their playing fields. There was a bit of a shelter and was nice just hanging out. Shared a bit of my steak and Joe shared some wine so was a proper gourmet experience.

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