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Day 65. Jan 8. Mangatepopo Hut to Whakapapa. 10km.

Mangatepopo hut was cozy overnight. Most of the hut occupants were up at 5am and away by 6.30. I had the luxury of a late start as I had an easy couple of hours walk across the bog to Whakapapa. The hut warden offered a few of us remaining a lift to Whakapapa but I preferred to walk. Ngāuruhoe (aka Mt Doom) was still shrouded in cloud. Even though the Whakapapa holiday park was full, I still managed to stay there as they keep an area free for TA hikers. Spent the afternoon and evening in the kitchen / dining area catching up on planning and chatting. Was very busy. The wind came up later and the trees above my tent were quite raucous. They connived with the bright moon to disturb my sleep.

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