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Day 63. Jan 6. Freedom Camp to Tongariro Holiday Park. 17km.

Not a gleam of sun either today, just grey sky’s and drizzle. The going was also harder than yesterday. Lots of ascent and slippery muddy clay trail in the rain. A challenging river crossing thrown in. Still going over pumice lands. First noticed the pumice way back before the campsite before the Timber Trail. For the last few days, there has been an interesting layer of pink pumice in exposed cliff faces. Face planted once on some very slippery clay. My Garmin watch noticed and decided to instigate a call to emergency services. Then said “will make the call when back in mobile coverage”. Kinda pointless 😊. Was very wet and cold by the time I reached the Tongariro Holiday Park and was glad to get a basic cabin rather than camping in the rain. Met up with 3 TAs at the holiday park.

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