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Day 62. Jan 5. Ōwhango to 42 Traverse. 22km.

The day was overcast again with light rain at times. Was crossing the 42 Traverse today, officially closed because of a large slip in the middle. But lots of TAs had crossed it already so I thought I’d give it a go. The day was on easy going forest track. I walked for a bit at the start with a mountain biker who happened to be from Kapiti where I live. What are the chances? We had a great conversation about paragliding and it peaked my interest. We plan to catch up in April or May and continue the conversation. Something for me to add from the most dangerous sports list, along with mountaineering and mountain biking 😊. Saw nobody at all for the rest of the day after the mountain biker. The slip was knarly looking with lots of boulders and felled trees but it only took 10 minutes to cross. There is no track across it yet and it will likely take a very long time to clear. Made camp close to a river in a nice little clearing. Broody rain clouds enveloped the mountain tops in a wild landscape. Felt a keen sense of remoteness.

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