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Day 4. Nov. 8th. Hukatere Campsite to Waipapakauri

It was my birthday, 59 today. Was delighted that Gabby had made me a cooked breakfast for my birthday along with a lit candle. So sweet.

Gabby was concerned about some of the hikers and we shared some trail thoughts. There are so many kind individuals along the way.

Away later than usual but the threatened rain didn’t materialise and the afternoon turned hot again.

Had arranged a room at Ngae Holiday Park at Waipapakauri to treat myself for my birthday along with a box of fresh food. The box was massive and shared the contents with Tony and Lisa, the only other TA’ers there. Most had chosen to do another 30km day on to Ahipapa. Having a hot shower and a bed to sleep in felt like a million bucks 😊

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