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Day 38. Dec 12. Kaimango Rd to Waitomo. 35km.

Another big 10hr day but I really enjoyed it. All in quiet forest gravel roads, grassy tracks through hilly farmland and most or it in dappled sunlight through bush. Up at 5.30am to hit the long day early. Early morning sunlit hills looked like islands above a sea of white cloud in the valleys below. A beautiful clear morning and a nice reprieve from three days in the rain. Also a social day on the trail. Met TA’ers Sam (NZ), Simone (German) and Lucy (UK) all walking solo. Sam lives in Timaru but actually grew up in the area. His grandparents farm is next to the trail section we were walking. The day was long and in the end very hot, but I felt fine. Made sure I had enough snacks to keep energy up Met up with Justin, Sam, Talulah and Riorden at Waitomo. The sick guy at the hut had messaged Sam to say he used the test kit and tested positive. Guess time will tell if any of us are affected.

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