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Day 32. Dec 6. Totara Park to Papakura. 8km.

Finished my short stay with Katie and Nick and rejoined the trail at the Botanical Gardens. It was a hot day and probably the most uninteresting of any sections I've done so far. Boring suburb walking with nothing interesting to see. Was really starting to question my dogged insistence on not skipping any section and walking as many as possible. But I realized that this is something important for me to do. It’s about walking for me, not necessarily the about the scenery. At a cafe in Papakura, I sat down with my loose plan. I realized that unless I skipped forward a bit, I wouldn't make it back to Auckland in time for my son Ben's birthday on the 23rd. So I decided to skip Papakura to Huntly and get a bus to Huntly. There was one in the afternoon and spent the waiting time in the Papakura library. I would do the skipped sections later when I restart after my Christmas break with family in Auckland. Was great to meet up with Jai, Stacy, and Ren again at the campsite at Huntly. The last time we met was way back on Day 17 at Ngunguru when I decided to move outside that bubble and on to Ocean Bea


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