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Day 3. Nov. 7th. Maunganui Bluff campsite to Hukatere Lodge campsite. 31km

Another big day today. So far so good on the blister front. Most of us left around the same time so a trail of bobbing backpacks stretching into the distance but well spaced apart.

Tide was higher up against the dunes so occasionally scampering to avoid a sudden rush of ocean trying to wet our feet. Another fine day, if a little overcast. Was hot later in the afternoon. Hukatere Lodge campsite was about a km from the beach at the end of the day, along a gravel road. The little camp kitchen and host Gabby was busy with relaxing. Pitched my tent and back to the kitchen where Gabby had organised pancakes.

Was a lot of fun making sweet and savoury pancakes over a few hours. Felt like a little family for the first time as it cooled outside and the rain started.

Felt a little sorry for my self though that evening back in my little tent with the rain pouring outside and again in the morning with a little pool of water at the bottom of my tent.

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