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Day 25. Nov 29. Remiger Rd to Orewa. 21km.

Day 25. Nov 29. Remiger Rd to Orewa. 21km.

Mostly road walking today (“Te Ara-road-a”), the first bit was nicely quiet. Stopped in at Puhoi for a second breakfast and then along a side road next to the highway into Waiwera. Walked past a sign for Waiwera Retreat and got the idea for a new poem. A police car pulled up. The policewoman was concerned that Armand coming up behind was walking too far out in the road. We both caught up with Peter at the beach at Waiwera having a swim while waiting for his wife to pick him up. He decided to go home to Auckland and do the remaining sections through Auckland from home. Tide was high and not able to go around the beach into Orewa so more road walking. Pitched my tent at Orewa holiday park and first hot shower in three days. While charging my devices later in the communal area, I had a great conversation about running and ultramarathons with a guy who had ran the length of the South Island in 1

0 days. Next level.

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