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Day 24. Nov 28. Dome cafe to Remiger Rd. 25km.

There were five us at the closed Dome Cafe and we slept under the verandah and out of the rain. Peter, Armand, Brad, myself and a bearded guy who didn’t speak to us. Below us, the overnight roadworks on the state highway kicked off as we were settling down and noisily banged on until well into the night. Then came the dawn chorus of roaring trucks, so not exactly a great sleep. It was cold and threatening rain (for a change ). Clothes still soaking wet from the day before. Lovely. The mood among us was misery. Why are we doing this again? But then the sun came out as I started to walk. I actually felt fine physically even after the big day before. Passed the 500km mark. Soon I met up with Alec from Los Vegas on the trail and we walked and talked together for the rest of the day. Cool guy. Was so nice hearing stories, especially about the Appalachian Trail. Seems a lot more sociable than the TA. Alec went onto Puhoi while I stayed at a basic but lovely DOC campsite with Peter and Armand.

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