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Day 20. Nov. 24th. Ruakaka to Waipu Cove. 25km.

The sun was shining when I started, but the rain soon set in. I walked towards Ruakaka in the rain along state highway one, with the road shoulder almost non-existent because of roadworks.

But after an hour, I was on the beach again. It was a broody sky, with the sun occasionally piercing the gloom over a dark blue sea.

It felt like a long day and was hot by the time I reached Waipu where I stopped for lunch. Then onto Waipu Cove, again along the road. Just as I got to the holiday park, Armand turned up. Lisa was already there. The last time I met Lisa was way back at Kaitaia. It was cool to hang out with others for the evening. The three of us went out to dinner and a lovely local cafe. So nice to meet up with people you’ve gotten to know already on the trail.

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