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Day 13. Nov. 17th. Pahia via Russell to the Farm. 28km.

Took the ferry across to Russell from Pahia on a grey and bleak morning. Then the rain started and boy did it pour.

My raincoat came out for the first time. I waited out the worst of it outside the Russell museum all dressed in black rain gear, like a ninja homeless person.

The first part of the route out of Russell took me along a trail I had run in 2019 when building up for a half marathon. It seems so long ago.

The rain continued on an off. A long section of metalled road was uncomfortable as two big trucks went back and forth. Even though I wasn’t hitching, a kind lady stopped and offered me a lift a few kms to the start of the forest section. I again had bought too much food (the fear I pack is hunger) and I struggled a bit today on the long uphill. Over the mountain I reached the Farm.

The Farm is an alternative community of about 40 or so ad hoc residents and visitors for yoga retreats. The compost toilet was a new experience. Managed to cook my steak over coals in a smoker drum.

Peter was there as was Frenchman Armand, suffering a lot from blisters, having to take painkillers. Was nice there but lots of dogs barking and dog fights in the early morning so not such a great sleep. The lady trying to run a silent yoga retreat was complaining about the dogs. Not sure how she coped with the rave that started in a paddock nearby, the night after I left. Went on for days apparently. The next day I was 20km away and could still hear the occasional thumping beat in the wind.

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