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Day 102-103. Feb 14-15. Waikanae.

The final two days at home in Waikanae were spent gathering food and supplies and posting supply boxes for me to use later at Pelorus Bridge, St. Arnoud, Boyle Village and Arthur’s Pass. These locations are the start of a 9,8,7 and 3 day section respectively, remote area with very limited options to resupply so food has to be carried. I made a guide at I also agonised about reducing base back weight further. It’s a balance between speed and risk. After many hours, I finally removed one merino top 😊. Final base weight (before food, water and gas) is 11kg. Could have gotten that down to 10kg if I eliminated camera and related items but decided I’d keep going with the blogging. The lady at the Post Shop couldn’t get her head around what I was doing with boxes weighing up to 7kg and that I’ll carry the contents at the other end. She suggested a porter. Now there’s an idea 😂. My plan is at this link (zoom in to see daily destinations)

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