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Day 10. Nov. 14th. Puketi Campsite to Kerikeri. 27km.

Another fine day, starting along gravel road but easing into a grassy trail through farmland and along the river. Blister on my pinkie still needing attention but not too bothersome.

Got going at a good pace with the desire to stay solo tramping but others caught up as I stopped for an extended lunch. Didn’t power away as I usually did but decided to try a day in company.

Hiked most of the second part of the day with Renske (Dutch) and Joe (Austrian) and later joined by Laura (English) and Laura (German).

Was a very pleasant river stroll between Waipapa and Kerikeri, taking in the 60m rainbow falls. Lovely conversation and delightful company.

Not sure if I will meet these TA’ers again but so be it. My two phrases so far from the trail are “you pack your fears” (pack way too much) and “this too will pass” (whether a bad or good situation, it will pass eventually, so press on through the bad and immersively savour the good).

Made contact with Linda, where I would stay tonight and arranged to go to Al’s workplace to meet after work. Had a lovely dinner and evening with Linda and Al and thoroughly enjoyed the home comforts. Every day a new adventure.

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