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Day 0. Nov. 4th. Kaitaia. Zero Day.

The day before it begins. In Kaitaia ready to catch a shuttle to Cape Reinga first thing tomorrow morning and then onto the trail for real. Thanks for all the well wishing. It really does matter. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be 😊 Had a lovely stay with daughter Katie and partner Nick and a wonderful sendoff from Katie before I boarded a tiny 8 seater flight to Kaitaia. The town is out of small gas canisters and Kaitaia is expecting 1,000 bikers over the weekend on a charity run to the Cape so no room at the inns. The town seems quite for now. A fellow Te Araroa’er (TA’er) Lisa said she could tell the TA walkers getting off the bus from Ahipara after doing 90 mile beach from the sunburnt legs and walking gingerly from blister shredded feet. Oh joy! When I bought my (heavier) gas canisters at Hunting & Fishing, the guy upsold me on something called “gurney goo” for blister prevention. Said they moved it up to the counter to be readily available for TA casualties coming off 90 mile beach. I‘m either a sucker or I’ll be singing it’s praises in 5 days time 😊

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